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Big Ol’ Blizzard

February 4, 2012

So today the little man and I were supposed to go to my grandmother’s house for a visit, but a blizzard that started last night and lasted through today kept me home.  At times the snow was blowing horizontally, and according to the news just now Denver got 11 inches of snow.  Darn you, Punksatony Phil!  You lied to us!

I made a really pretty bracelet for “Thing A Day“:

Also check out this GIF somebody made.  I’m glad I’m keeping up.

Things that went on today (this is the personal diary part that may or may not be of general interest):

  • I got some work done around the house, but not a lot.  The apartment is a disaster area.
  • My 14 month old said “funny” when he was acting silly.  Yesterday he tried (and occasionally succeeded at) eating goldfish crackers with a spoon; he is one determined little baby, he kept putting the cracker back on the spoon over and over again every time it fell off.
  • Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow.  Hopefully we can get outside tomorrow.

Tomorrow I want to attack the kitchen with more gusto, finish laundry, actually post my Thing A Day craft project before midnight, mow my eyebrows (sorry to be graphic, but they need it), do the whole exercise/eat healthy/drink water/avoid sugar schtick, read in my Bible (I keep forgetting), and start working on some kind of little Valentine gift for hubby.  Hubby’s allergic reaction is slowly getting better, which means in a couple days I might be able to hug and kiss him normally- stupid itchy rash!


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  1. Lovely bracelet. I clicked onto your blog and enjoyed reading it. I live in Japan and I don’t know a lot about blogging. Anyway, I imagined your 14 mo old son eating those goldfish form a spoon! Ha HA HA. I have a 5 mo old grandson in LA.I wondered if he’ll be that determined someday! My daughter in Philly turned me on to thingaday. SO I will try to post this mo. I read my Bible in the morning too. You sound like you have a nice little family!

    • The ingenuity of little kids always amazes me- they invent things an adult could never imagine.

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