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You know you have a toddler when…

You know you have a toddler when…

  • Stuffed chipmunks play peek-a-boo, ride in toy strollers, spin on top of CD racks, and slide down baking pans, all within the span of about 3 minutes
  • Your child writes songs with lyrics like “no, no, no”
  • You find goldfish crackers “swimming” in cups of water and ground into the carpet
  • The toilet brush mysteriously appears in the living room

My son said, “what am I doing?” last night, which is what I say when I’ve forgotten what I had set out to do.  Can we say, “absent minded mama”?


I want my baby back baby back baby back…

Whoops, I’ve been absent for a couple of days.  Just as well from a blogging point of view, as it’s not as if exiting and noteworthy things happen every day in my life, and I don’t think everyone cares what flavor of sandwich I ate for lunch 😉

I got behind on the Thing A Day project and still haven’t finished the wrap necklace I started yesterday.  Tonight while at dinner I made this little valentine:

All the materials were there at the Chili’s.  It was fun!

On the subject of Thing A Day, check out this animated GIF.  I think it’s awesome and cute!

What happened yesterday?

  • The little monster found a poopy diaper that had somehow been set beside the diaper pail instead of into it, and decided to play with the contents.  Bath for baby and shower for mommy.  Yuck!
  • The snow finally stopped halfway through the day.
  • Got some cleaning done, but got sidetracked and didn’t finish what I wanted to.

What happened today?

  • Hubby was home, so I thought I would get more done, but instead got less done.  We missed church because he wasn’t feeling that well.  Ho hum.
  • our 14 month old said “I love you”.  I am amazed!  But so as not to put him on too high a pedestal, he also got ahold of my husband’s leftover guacamole in the car even though I thought it was out of reach, and not only helped himself to some, but tried to eat the styrofoam carton.

What do I want to get done tomorrow?  Not too much since it is hubby’s day off, maybe go to the mall and windowshop or visit the Botanic Gardens.  Maybe I’ll still find time to finish off cleaning and organizing the kitchen like I’ve intended for the last several weeks.

Big Ol’ Blizzard

So today the little man and I were supposed to go to my grandmother’s house for a visit, but a blizzard that started last night and lasted through today kept me home.  At times the snow was blowing horizontally, and according to the news just now Denver got 11 inches of snow.  Darn you, Punksatony Phil!  You lied to us!

I made a really pretty bracelet for “Thing A Day“:

Also check out this GIF somebody made.  I’m glad I’m keeping up.

Things that went on today (this is the personal diary part that may or may not be of general interest):

  • I got some work done around the house, but not a lot.  The apartment is a disaster area.
  • My 14 month old said “funny” when he was acting silly.  Yesterday he tried (and occasionally succeeded at) eating goldfish crackers with a spoon; he is one determined little baby, he kept putting the cracker back on the spoon over and over again every time it fell off.
  • Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow.  Hopefully we can get outside tomorrow.

Tomorrow I want to attack the kitchen with more gusto, finish laundry, actually post my Thing A Day craft project before midnight, mow my eyebrows (sorry to be graphic, but they need it), do the whole exercise/eat healthy/drink water/avoid sugar schtick, read in my Bible (I keep forgetting), and start working on some kind of little Valentine gift for hubby.  Hubby’s allergic reaction is slowly getting better, which means in a couple days I might be able to hug and kiss him normally- stupid itchy rash!

First entry- the purpose of this thing

First journal!

I am starting this journal in order to participate in thing-a-day 2012, and I figure this is a good opportunity to start journaling in earnest.  I don’t know who’s going to care, but it’s faster for me to type than to write things out.

What happened of interest today?

  • Hubby had a really nasty allergic reaction to a new medicine- he looked like a lobster from mid-chest upward, and said last night it felt like he was sleeping in a bed of fiberglass insulation.  Ugh!
  • Our little 14 month old played and talked, pointed out the “bunny” while reading Goodnight Moon,  and told his little stuffed doll to “lay down” (a phrase learned from endless uncooperative diaper changes).  He does this cute little thing when he first wakes up where he takes whatever little toy we lay him down with and hands it to me to kiss it before I pick him up out of his bed (we only started this recently, and make sure it’s something not likely to block his breathing or anything dangerous).  He loves to kiss and hug his toys.  So cute!
  • ]I made some polymer clay buttons to use as centers for fabric flower brooches, a small crocheted flower for a pin, and began a pineapple crochet scarf.
  • I made a homemade soothing “lotion” for hubby’s rash- aloe, a little honey (skin soothing properties) and vitamin C powder (supposed to have antihistamine properties).  The vitamin C broke down the gelling agents they added to the aloe, so my “lotion” became “juice” and had to be applied with a cotton ball.  Oh well, he says it made him feel better.  (disclaimer- I just look up stuff and make my best judgements, I am not an expert or a doctor, so don’t necessarily copy me, except in principle by using your own knowledge to make useful and healing stuff).
  • I made homemade baby food.  I used to find this daunting, but then I realized I can do it one small batch at a time.  This time I made oatmeal prunes, and I just cooked oatmeal with some extra water to rehydrate the prunes I put in it, then blended it.  It’s in the fridge right now, but I will portion it out in a silicone ice cube tray I have and freeze it for later use.  My son likes the taste but not the texture, so every time I put a bite in his mouth he makes this horrible face, thinks a second, decides it’s actually tasty and says “good?” as if he’s still deciding if it’s good or not.
  • I did not accomplish very much cleaning or organizing- bad girl!
Plans for tomorrow:
  • kick the kitchen’s butt
  • clean the bathrooms, do some laundry, blah de blah blah
  • post photos for today’s projects in Thing-A-Day, and make something cool for the second installment
  • eat healthy food and drink plenty of water
  • exercise
  • read my bible and remember to pray for people
  • generally be productive

So I don’t know if this blog will be of any use to anyone else.  I plan on posting things I make, food I cook if it’s noteworthy, stuff that happens, even plans and goals.  I hope to keep things succinct so as not to be boring, and include some interesting photos.  I hope I make my goals and finish Thing-a-day, for a start.  I think I’ll post a summary of what happened, what I made, what I learned or read (if anything), my plans for the next day, and maybe interesting tips and whatnot.  If it turns out to be only useful to me, oh well.